Flex Fuel U.S.

This site is powered by NetSuite, an online CRM & ERP system.

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Flash-based site with lots of beautiful smiles! I also took all the photos. Visit JennicaNims.com


Gospel Light: Agents In Action

Fun with Flash... I created the spinning logo animation in Swift3d, which is great fun. MP3 music player serving up the sweet tunes via XML.

Gospel Light: Agents In Action2006-07-15T23:35:55+00:00


Brochure-ware site for a distribution company. I photographed the box and created a flying Flash intro. Cool AJAX contact forms.



The strength of this site is the framework on which it's built; powered by WordPress, it facilitates blogging as well as extensive content management the client. It uses Flash for video delivery which works beautifully. There's also a forum to encourage users to participate in the discussion.


Angelic Entertainment

This is a Flash-based site for a movie production company in San Diego. I love working in Flash. It offers endless possibilities for me as a designer. There is dynamic content within the site which is controlled by the client via a web interface.

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Alpine Ventura

A Flash-based site with dynamic content controlled by the client, Streaming MP3 media player, XML-based image gallery (updatable by the client).

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I was interested to see how far I could push steaming flash video. Would it scale well enough to use video as the background environment for the entire site? I think it worked out really well. The rest of the content is layered on top of the video background, which was shot in such a


The Spring

This was a site designed by two non-web designers. I did the implementation in Flash & I think it turned out really neat. Very original.

The Spring2004-09-16T00:09:37+00:00