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Serra Cross Park Site Design

The Serra Cross Park website features an elegant bridal motif and Flash animation on the home page.

Serra Cross Park Site Design2008-05-27T10:26:51+00:00

David Chase Construction

This site was built for David Chase Construction in Santa Barbara, CA. We handled the Photography duties. Flash photo galleries are powered by Slide Show Pro Director, a sweet Flash-based photo CMS. Visit

David Chase Construction2008-05-27T10:19:36+00:00

Santa Barbara Wine Country Events Website

This site was built with content management in mind using WordPress. Flash photo galleries are powered by Slide Show Pro Director. Visit

Santa Barbara Wine Country Events Website2008-05-27T10:12:39+00:00

Mercy Ministries International Website

With this site I had a chance to play with CSS opacity to keep it in the clouds. You can visit the site here.

Mercy Ministries International Website2008-03-25T22:16:01+00:00

Sunny Life

Sunny Life was our first short film shot over Christmas vacation 2006 in Indiana. Many thanks to our long-suffering family members for your tallent love and support!

Sunny Life2008-01-04T23:47:18+00:00

Nordskog Publishing

This site features an xml-driven Flash coverflow component to scroll through their books and supports blogging and news feeds. Visit

Nordskog Publishing2008-01-04T23:13:43+00:00